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Seduced by the Vigilante

Brilliant criminal analyst, Catherine Farrows is tasked with investigating a vigilante that preys on New York’s elite. The case leads to an erotic encounter that rock’s her world and leaves her torn between a budding romance and her desire for the man who kills for justice.

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Cupid’s War

As Catherine struggles with her love for Tom and her passion for the Black Mask vigilante, a nemesis appears that aims to kill them both. Never before has her conscience and convictions been so at odds. Neither has she ever been happier…or more in danger.

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Victim’s Vendetta

Catherine, the Black Mask and their allies are getting closer to the Ganymede Society, a secret cabal of one-percenters who exploit and murder those most vulnerable. They must join forces with the mysterious Fatale in order to save one of their own from a horrific fate.

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Best Laid Plans

Armed with a list of the Ganymede members, Catherine, the Black Mask and their allies close in on the evil organization and plan a final, violent siege against them. But before they can attack, Fatale’s life is put in danger, leaving the group in chaos.

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Hurricane Season

When the head of the evil Ganymede Society flees to Haiti, Catherine, the Black Mask, and their fellow vigilantes follow him. In a dangerous and chaotic place, what kind of deals will they need to make to survive and finally end his evil?

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photo1Born in rural Iowa in 1967, Candice King was raised by a minister and determined to leave her small town upbringing for the big city, where she would be a smartly dressed advertising executive. When that didn’t work out, she headed for the comfort of a small Northeast college where she studied business and began cooking fancy meals in her dorm kitchen. Pursuing her culinary interests, she worked as a struggling food writer until embracing her true passion – romance books.

Candice now lives happily back in Iowa, where she cycles rolling hills and writes about bold and engaging characters, their struggles, and steamy love interests. Her fast-paced writing style and arousing romance scenes make for pages that turn themselves.


Romancing Revenge: The Masked Vigilante Subgenre

I recently completed a five book series centered around a group of vigilantes fighting rich pederasts in New York City. The central romance in the series develops between the first and lead vigilante, a figure known as the Black Mask, and the criminal analyst the NYPD brings in to help catch him. She ends up helping him instead, against the members of the Ganymede organization that he’s been fighting for years. A few people join them in their fight along the way, including a comics-fan FBI agent and young hacker who become a secondary couple.

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Characterization As Series Fuel

I start any series by creating a cast of characters. I might have an idea of what I want the basic plots to be, what themes I want to tackle and what the larger world looks like that I am setting the stories in, but ultimately, characterization is king in my work. That is because whereas the setting and themes may not change much, characters are constantly changing and growing as they interact and face different challenges. This makes them a constant source of new stories.

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